Fitness inspiration: Recovering

In case you haven’t seen it, this (below) is an amazing, almost unbelievable video about a man who used yoga to recover from a traumatic injury.

I’m not a fan of yoga. (No particular reason–my body just doesn’t like it and I think the poses are unattractive. Shallow, I know.) But this story struck a chord with me because my own fitness problems began as the result of a difficult recovery from surgery, many years ago.

My post-surgical troubles were not remotely as complicated as the troubles experienced by this man. But I do still suffer from issues related to a wound that didn’t heal quite right. It affects my core strength, and as I’ve learned, core strength is everything when it comes to feeling strong and fit.

This year, I’ve been working on getting healthier, stronger, and losing some belly fat. This video gave me hope that I can get where I want to be. (I’ve gotten close before, but I’ve quit.) I’m posting this here to remind myself and others not to quit on ourselves.


3 responses to “Fitness inspiration: Recovering

  1. Wow, what a tearjerker 🙂 I got acquainted with yoga last year when a local group organized an all sumer long yoga in the park programme, I think it was largely on account of doing yoga outdoors that I fell in love with it and am hoping they’ll organize it again this summer.

  2. Yoga in the park actually sounds like fun! Some friends of mine used to do Tai Chi in the park, but not anymore.

    The only exercise classes I’ve ever taken were community ballet classes– very informal. They were really good for core-strengthening. My stomach has never been flatter than it was when I took those classes. Alas, my teacher quit and I haven’t been back. Maybe someday I’ll take it up again. In the meantime, I’ve just been doing conventional gym workouts.

  3. Inspiring. I didn’t realize your fitness issues date to a difficult surgical recovery. I don’t like yoga either, for the same reasons, although I’m intrigued that my son (33) started a yoga class and seems to enjoy it. He’s not the yoga type. My own fitness issues are 100% related to menopause: before that I was able to control weight and be fit by exercising a lot. Now I have to watch calories like a hawk.