Makeup I don’t “need” anymore

My makeup basket continues to shrink. 🙂

I think I must have reached the age where “less” becomes “more”, as far as makeup is concerned.

I thought about listing what I’ve got left in my collection after yet more editing. But I think that would be boring. Suffice to say, I’m left with just the basics, and they are mostly neutrals.

I thought it might be more interesting to list what I’m not using anymore:

  • Bronzer. Actually, I never really saw the point of it, but everyone else seemed to be using it to “add dimension” or contour. I’ve decided that my cheekbones are fine as they are. I did keep one compact, for those times when I need to add warmth to a too-pale foundation.
  • Highlighter. I think I prefer an all-over, subtle glow rather than spot application of highlight powders or creams. For instance, in the winter, when my skin is dry and I need a bit of “glow”, I will use Laura Mercier’s Radiance primer under my foundation. In the summer, my skin is oily enough that I don’t need any extra highlighting.
  • Concealer. I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t enhance the wrinkles under my eyes. I’d rather live with my undereye circles, which really aren’t that bad, anyway. And I don’t have a lot of blemishes to conceal, either. (But even when I had acne, I never bothered concealing my blemishes. It never fooled anyone into thinking I had clear skin.)
  • Pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliners.  Instead, I use a black powder eyeshadow. Powder is so much easier to apply, glides gently on my lids, and I prefer the look of it. (I use a small angled paintbrush, similar to the MAC 266.)
  • Lip gloss. They are just too much “gloss” for my face! But some makeup brands are now formulating sheer, shiny lipstick formulas–kind of a gloss-lipstick hybrid with a more subtle shine–and I’m really liking those. I also have a shiny lip balm (Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream stick) that I use under and over lipstick to add a more natural-looking shine.

I’m also using a lot less foundation these days–just the thinnest layer. Again, I had to choose between coverage and wrinkles. Darn those tiny little lines!

2 responses to “Makeup I don’t “need” anymore

  1. Your routine sounds familiar :). I try to wear lipstick but most of time I end up wearing lip gloss.

  2. Bronzer and highlighter are one of those mysterious creatures I was never able to tame either. I stick with light coverage powder using a dab of liquid concealer for occasional blemishes. A coating of mascara, some light blusher and gloss and that’s it.