Common Ms. M

Common Ms. M
This is my interpretation of the “Common Wardrobe” as inspired by Janice of The Vivienne Files.
I did change a few things to suit my needs:
  • I can’t wear turtlenecks (short neck!) so I substituted a cowl top.
  • I have learned, through trial and error, that I really do need interesting necklines on my knit tops. A simple crew or even scoop neck won’t cut it for me. So I went a little fancier with the knit tees.
  • I never wear white knits except for layering–they are not kind to my stomach bulges–so a white camisole works best for me, since it’ll be mostly covered up. (I’d also buy it in nylon and get a smoothing effect!)
  • I substituted a denim jacket for the denim shirt. I’ve tried wearing denim shirts and they are just not flattering on me. (Collared shirts in general are difficult for me to wear.)

Anyway, this little exercise was a lot of fun for me. I could absolutely wear these 12 pieces throughout the whole year (with accessories) and not get bored.  (Just to be clear, I’d need multiples of most pieces.)

The only thing I might add is a black dress for dressier occasions, and maybe a lighter colored dress for spring and summer. And I’d probably purchase the beige pants in wool or some other formal-ish fabric, for important meetings etc. at work.

I just love this concept. Most people have at least some of these pieces. And if you don’t, they can all be found at affordable prices.

Dressing is easy, and then you can easily add interest and color with accessories. I love it.

3 responses to “Common Ms. M

  1. Hi, Edie from here … I love the way you worked the 12 key pieces to suit your own needs. I also love Isaac Mizrahi – I loved his line for Liz Claiborne, then they fired him and now their clothes are hideous!!!

    I think the use of a denim jacket instead of a denim shirt is a great idea, and one that I might steal, because I have plenty of denim jackets (3), but I don’t really want to have to buy a denim shirt just because someone else thinks it’s a good idea, when they don’t look so good on me.

    Good job! I really love it! I love the way you addressed and solved the figure “issues” some (maybe most?) of us have. Very ingenious!

  2. Wow, this is advanced style. To really break down and understand your figure and lifestyle to know exactly which basic piece will work for you and which won’t.
    I for one can’t imagine a life without a turtleneck 🙂

  3. Thanks, ladies!
    Understanding the figure issues has been a long process of eliminating from my wardrobe those things that aren’t flattering. This really narrows down the choices when I go shopping.

    For instance, I’ve always worn basic plain t-shirts as a wardrobe staple. But I looked at some photographs and realized that I looked much better in knit tops that weren’t so basic. (Cowls and draped necklines, cross-fronts, square necklines, ruching, etc.) So I won’t be repurchasing plain t-shirts.

    Edie, I think the jean jacket is from Isaac Mizrahi. I always liked him too. I remember watching a mini fashion show on TV that he did for his Target brand. His models were “regular” women, not models, and I remember being impressed by how kind and respectful he was toward them.

    Coffeeaddict, I’d love to be able to wear turtlenecks. I think black turtlenecks are so chic! But I literally cannot wear them. It’s just too much fabric.