The plant-based diet is working

Just a quick update about my weight-loss efforts:

Since switching to a mostly-vegan diet, I’ve lost a few more pounds and an inch off my waist. Overall, I feel lighter and more energetic.

I haven’t lost as much fat as I’d like, but I can easily tell that what I need to do is simply stop the “cheating”. I tend to munch on cookies, chocolate, and other treats when I’m too busy or stressed. And I’ve noticed the difference right away when I have a little too much fat or sugar: I get bloated. Whenever I do this more than once or twice a week, I put on a pound or two. It’s very predictable.

So, I know what works and what doesn’t. My goal for the coming weeks is to avoid the junk food.

4 responses to “The plant-based diet is working

  1. Yay! Congratulations. I’m making a little progress myself cutting sugar and salt and refusing to my school load interfere with exercising. Let’s support each other!

  2. Good for you, Susan!
    I’ll admit, I’m having a hard time avoiding the junk food. Especially around this time of year– work gets hectic, as does life in general. I haven’t been exercising, but I hope to start again soon. Right now, I’m just trying to get my food under control. It is so incredibly obvious that I just need to clean up my diet in order to lose those last few pounds!

  3. I always know that too much pasta and sugar will keep me from feeling energized and at a stable weight but I’m having a hart time balancing my diet too. I’ve always known that a diet consisting of mainly vegetables and vegetable based proteins will sate me and keep me feeling light and full of energy but there are times when I just can’t resist falling into the pasta/sugar trap 😉

  4. Yes, and I think it’s especially hard when the weather starts to get cooler. I want my comfort foods!