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Makeup I don’t “need” anymore

My makeup basket continues to shrink. 🙂

I think I must have reached the age where “less” becomes “more”, as far as makeup is concerned.

I thought about listing what I’ve got left in my collection after yet more editing. But I think that would be boring. Suffice to say, I’m left with just the basics, and they are mostly neutrals.

I thought it might be more interesting to list what I’m not using anymore:

  • Bronzer. Actually, I never really saw the point of it, but everyone else seemed to be using it to “add dimension” or contour. I’ve decided that my cheekbones are fine as they are. I did keep one compact, for those times when I need to add warmth to a too-pale foundation.
  • Highlighter. I think I prefer an all-over, subtle glow rather than spot application of highlight powders or creams. For instance, in the winter, when my skin is dry and I need a bit of “glow”, I will use Laura Mercier’s Radiance primer under my foundation. In the summer, my skin is oily enough that I don’t need any extra highlighting.
  • Concealer. I can’t seem to find one that doesn’t enhance the wrinkles under my eyes. I’d rather live with my undereye circles, which really aren’t that bad, anyway. And I don’t have a lot of blemishes to conceal, either. (But even when I had acne, I never bothered concealing my blemishes. It never fooled anyone into thinking I had clear skin.)
  • Pencil, liquid, or gel eyeliners.  Instead, I use a black powder eyeshadow. Powder is so much easier to apply, glides gently on my lids, and I prefer the look of it. (I use a small angled paintbrush, similar to the MAC 266.)
  • Lip gloss. They are just too much “gloss” for my face! But some makeup brands are now formulating sheer, shiny lipstick formulas–kind of a gloss-lipstick hybrid with a more subtle shine–and I’m really liking those. I also have a shiny lip balm (Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream stick) that I use under and over lipstick to add a more natural-looking shine.

I’m also using a lot less foundation these days–just the thinnest layer. Again, I had to choose between coverage and wrinkles. Darn those tiny little lines!

Ruthless purge of the makeup collection

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog (and a few times on my previous blog), I’ve been feeling annoyed by the size of my makeup collection.

I kept telling myself that I wanted a small, carefully edited selection. So periodically, I’d throw out a few useless products. But I knew I wasn’t done. Because then every day, I’d see my “favorites” left in the makeup drawer, and I’d still feel like it was just too much.

Well, last night, as I was putting away my latest purchase, I decided enough was enough, and I started tossing. Really tossing. To be precise, I threw away 24 items, including some that were recently purchased.

What I’m left with:

  • Products that are tried and true and that I’ve purchased more than once, or will likely repurchase.
  • Products that work well for specific purposes (long wear, photography, formal or casual, etc.)
  • Products that I’m still experimenting with, and/or learning to use. (I.e., I’m not quite ready to give up on them.)

What I discovered from what I tossed:

  • I am DONE with lip gloss. No more. It doesn’t look good on me.
  • Even if it was expensive, if it doesn’t perform, it’s not worth keeping. There are so many amazing products available– why hang on to the duds?
  • Gifts-with-purchase and other random samples are not worth the space they take up. I’d rather choose my colors thoughtfully.

I’m pretty happy with what I have left. And I’ve decided that from here on out, I’ll implement a one-in, one-out rule. If I buy something new, something else will have to go. Since all I have left are things I like and use, this rule will make me think twice about my next impulse purchase.

Now that I’ve done this, I’m working up the courage to edit my clothes wardrobe. This is going to be a challenge, because I don’t actually own a lot of clothing.

But I do have a good number of pieces that I never wear. And I’ve decided they don’t need to be hanging in my closet.